• Dedicated, experienced, full-time nephrologists expertise in critical care nephrology.


  • Management of acute and chronic renal failures, acid-base and electrolyte disorders, plasmapharesis and kidney biopsies.


  • Haemodialysis Facility with Seven hi-tech modern machines.


  • Taking the Haemodialysis Technique to a higher level, we have come up with World class (B.Brown) reverse osmosis water treatment plant and Renatron dialyzer reprocessor machine (1st in Gujarat) which ensures haemodialysis of the best quality.


  • Critical patients in the ICU or ICCU – especially those on ventilators – are at increased risk if they have to be shifted for a dialysis. To eliminate this risk and yet not let the treatment suffer we have suitable ICU/ICCU based dialysis machines.


  • Haemodialysis Facility is availabel for 24 hours.


  • Approximate more then 425 dialysis is performed per month.

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