• Multidisciplinary approach to provide complete range of services for the diagnosis, treatment and Rehabilitation of neurosurgical patients.


  • Dedicated team of neurosurgeons and neuro anesthesiologists round the clock


  • In-house CT scan machine managing serious patients in the first golden hour. Also, the risk ODF transporting a critical patient or an ICU patient on ventilator across the city for a CT scan is obliterated.


  • The neurosurgical theatre has a State-of-the-art Moller-Wedel Operating Microscope


  • The theatre also a High end CUSA (Continuous Ultrasonic Suction Aspirator) to aid safe and complete removal of brain and spinal tumours with markedly reduced blood loss.


  • Stereotactic surgeries using CTSP System for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes of deep seated lesions in the brain is along awaited facility for South Gujarat which finally will be fullfilled.


  • Neuroendoscopy using Storz endoscopes for spinal cases like disk prolapses and brain lesions like Hydrocephalus and ventricular tumours will now be reality.


  • A well equipped ICU with trained personnel along with Intracranial Pressure (ICP), CVP, arterial pressure, ETCO2 measurement


  • Procedures for lesions from CV Junction to sacrum


The Department have supprt of well equiped  Physiotherapy Department with Full time Physiotherapist.

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